Kibby Balls

Just the right size for a midnight snack when no one’s looking, say hello to Kibby Balls, a handheld variation of the Kibby Tray. Kibby Balls were undisputably Lisa’s job when she worked for the family business during high school, so keep that in mind if any questions arise as you’re working through this recipe. She’s a pro! (Stephen’s job at the time was hauling feta cheese and cleaning out pans, by the way, but that’s another story.)




In a clean bowl, mix the Hashwi and Toasted Pine Nuts together. Dip your hands into a bowl filled with cold water    to keep meat from sticking to your palms. Scoop up 3 oz of Kibby Mixture with your hands and form into a round ball that is slightly smaller in size than a tennis ball. Place your thumb into the middle of the meatball and begin to form the meat into a football shape around your thumb, creating a pocket for the Hashwi meat. (Note: See video for demonstration of this technique.)

Using a spoon, pack 1 heaping TBL of Hashwi into the pocket of each Kibby Ball. After filling, lightly pinch the meat together around the opening of the pocket until the hole is closed, then finish forming each football in your hands. (Note: See video for demonstration of this technique.) Using your hands, rub each Kibby Ball with olive oil and place in an unbuttered pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes and serve.


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  1. Thank you Steve for sharing your incredible recipes. We are excited to try more of them. What we have made so far is delicious.
    Thank you….

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